Ilumera; Continent/Island of the Illumian Race on Terra Viridaethra


Legends of Ilumera tell of cities and pyramids made of gold, and tales of endless wealth draw travelers to this small continent in the heart of the great divide between Saeroa and Tarania. Surrounded by many small islands of rock, and perpetually wreathed in deep fog and mists, the shores of Ilumera are perilous to a fault, and few ships ever make it within sight of the shore; fewer ever return.


For those who have tread on the legendary soil of this ancient land rarely are ever heard of again and the unfortunate handful whom return to their home lands are usually completely mad, and their tales of horror often regarded as mere moonshine. Truly, most who journey to the dread land crash on the misty rocks that encompass the continent, and the few that make it ashore find it treacherous to navigate out again, though some proclaim that they have seen or found ancient ports, hidden in the eternal fog and haze that surrounds the islands bordering the land.


One legend tells of a man who found in the center of the continent a desolate wasteland filled with trees of stone. Thither is a great golden pyramid, with stairs that ascent to its an altar near its summit. No visible entrance is present, though there is a strange circle etched into the dais near the pinnacle.


Others speak of ancient ruins, temples, and strange stone circles; pillars and obelisks litter the landscape, which runs from jungle to forest to desert and everything in-between. The mad venturers who return speak of fierce creatures in the forests and jungles, and some say that the trees themselves cannot be trusted. Other, deadlier horrors purportedly lurk in the ruins and in the more desolate locations of Ilumera. Beware ye traveler, for rumors report that some of these fantastic beasts are more intelligent than man, and ever more cunning and deadly.